23:59:60 (2015, 2016)
Work in progress

Between 30th June 2015 23:59:59 and 1st July 2015 00:00:00, UTC, one second, the leap second, was added, as ‘11:59:60’. The reason of leap second is to keep the difference between solar time and atomic time small. The time that second was added differs by their time zone. In Spain, for example in between 1st July 00:59:59 and 01:00:00, in Brazil it will be between 20:59:59 and 21:00:00, 30th June.
The idea is to capture the leap second by taking pictures in all 24 standard time zones. Participants will take a picture with camera’s shutter speed on 1 second. With the pictures, respective locations (GPS position, or address and so on) and participant’s info (name) from the participants, I’m planning to make a set of postcards with 24(or more) images.

Now showing at the exhibition 'The Empty Fox Hole' in HISK.