JamonPaellaBarcelona SamgeopsalBibimbopSeoul

Publication 2008, 2011

This two books are the record of expenditures and daily activities in Barcelona and Seoul respectively. The titles of the books are ‘Jamon Paella Barcelona’ and ‘Samgeopsal Bibimbop Seoul’. They’re related in the famous food in each country.

The use of money during the stay in a Hangar residency, Barcelona is classified to 6 parts, cost of living, trip, supplies, transportation, rent, weekly pay. As a request of the participating an exhibition 'Countless collection' in Seoul in 2011, I decided to spend the money for the exhibition – 966,980won - as the same proportion as that of Barcelona in each part, according to the money spent statistic in there. For example, transportation was 7 percent out of total expense, I spent the same percentage for transportation, which was 67,700won.