Six (2005),
Thirty (2006),
One Hundred (2007)

Book, note, sound
Revised and Exhibited in Audio Visual Pavilion (2014)

Three pieces related to books are combined into one work. Created (or started as not for the work of art originally) between 2005 and 2007, they had not yet been exhibited before the show 'Once Is Not Enough' in Audio Visual Pavilion. One consists of five separately bound books, one for each short story in (2005). The other is a transcription of writer Yeonsu Kim's short story, (2006). The third piece comprises empty sentences taken from by Albert Camus (2007). However, since these sentences lack contextual details, it is not apparent they were ever located in this novel. This work presents actions in a stationary stage and makes visible the stages that exist between materials and results.